Habitat Projects

Central Illinois Crappie Club is a proud supporter of local habitat projects on the lakes we currently fish.  We donate money and time annual to these projects and love giving back to support our sport.  

We have a unique opportunity to be involved with fishery managers to directly impact the quality and future of our waters. Through the work of our membership and association with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Shelbyville Fish Habitat Alliance, Friends of Reservoirs, and fish biologists we have been able to secure a $30,000 Grant for Lake Shelbyville. We have also completed fish habitat projects on Clinton Lake and are in contact with several planned for Lake Decatur, Clinton Lake and Lake Shelbyville this year.  From the volunteer hours, to working with lake officials, to releasing tournament fish, this club is on the leading edge and setting an example of how fishermen can and should take an active role to promote and support our fisheries. 

CICC is a proud member of Friends of Reservoirs!