2021 Tournament Results

March 20 Clinton Club Tournament

     It certainly was nice to fish again in a CICC tournament. It has been quite a while since our last competition (18 months). The first club tournament in 2021 was held at Clinton Lake on Saturday, March 20 with a field of 10 boats. It was a cool morning, but it could not have been nicer in the afternoon. Clear skies with little wind. Most every team weighed 7 fish. Five lbs was hard to find, but the winning team of Steve Zehr and Dave Nugent weighed 4.93 pounds. 2nd place went to Brian McClure and TJ Hewerdine with 4.68 pounds. The team of Rick Barnes and Tom Fermanian brought in 4.66 lbs of crappie for 3rd place. A difference of 0.02 lbs between places is not that unusual for this club. Fourth place went to Brian Carter and 5th place went to the team of Steve Peck and Jenni Price. The club thanks the dozen renewal or new memberships.

     Our next club tournament will be at Lake Shelbyville on April 17. Applications for this event are on the club website. The club got to use its brand new trailer, which made operations much easier. I apologize to Brian Carter and Steve Peck for the poor pictures. The side of the trailer turned out not to be the best background. Hope to see you at Lake Shelbyville with light winds and plenty of sunshine again.


April 17 Shelbyville Club Tournament

It was a relatively nice day for the 15 boats that participated in the April 17 Shelbyville club tournament. While it rained early in the morning the sun came out in the afternoon and it was a good fishing day for all. Every boat weighed in 7 fish. The winning team of Frank Revell and Matt Jones weighed 8.27 pounds of crappie and brought in the big fish at 2.17 lbs. This big fish set a new club record surpassing the old record of 2.09 lbs set in 2019 by the team of Andy Roberts and Bud York. Second place went to the team of Mike Hopkins and Shawn Shelby with 6.74 lbs. Jeff Voyles weighed 6.72 lbs of crappie for 3rd place. Fourth place went to the team of Rick Barnes and Tom Fermanian with 6.61 lbs. Greg Foley and Scott Matthews with 6.33 lbs took 5th place, while Travis Hughes and Stacy Rogers with 6.26 pounds came in 6th. Andy Roberts with 6.22 pounds was in 7th place.

The next tournament is again at the Bo Wood launch site on Lake Shelbyville on Saturday, May 22. We are hoping for good weather and excellent participation. After the tournament results are final the club will hold a crappie cookout at the Pavilion to the west of the boat launch parking lot. All members and their families are invited to this event. We plan to hold a brief membership meeting to discuss the future leadership direction for the club and solicit input from the membership. We would like to finalize the fall schedule for the club and discuss some of the outstanding issues of tournament rules. If you can't make it please relay your concerns to any of the club board members or send us a note at centralillinoiscrappieclub@gmail.com.

May 22 Shelbyville Club Tournament

On a very nice spring day, 11 boats entered the third club tournament for 2021. The weather was just about perfect with light breezes and partial cloudiness. The weights were certainly down from the previous month due to rising waters and cooler temperatures. The team of Fred Brozio and Jim Larson won the tournament with a weight of 6.98 lbs. This team also brought in the largest crappie at 1.39 lbs. Second place went to Jeff Voyles and Travis Hughes with 6.67 lbs. Bob Sarko and Rick Clifton weighed 6.53 pounds of crappie for 3rd place. Fourth place went to the team of Frank Revell junior and Debbie Revell at 6.29 lbs. Greg Kaiser and Jim Garrett weighed in 6.14 lbs for fifth place.


After the tournament, Bob Foran and his helpers provided a delicious crappie cookout for members. This was followed with a lively discussion on the club's future in a members meeting. We want to thank Bob and his crew for the wonderful cookout and thank all those that attended. The minutes of the meeting will be circulated to the membership separately. If any members are not receiving these write ups by email, please contact me and send a current email address. All this information is posted on the club Facebook page and website.

June 12 Decatur Club Tournament

The heat and humidity had a large impact on Saturday's tournament. Nine participants in 5 boats braved the heat, humidity, and turbulence from recreational boats. The winning team of Sean Shelby and Mike Hopkins weighed 7 crappie with a total weight of 5.84 lbs. Second place went to Bob Sarko, also with 7 fish at 5.58 lbs., and the big fish at 1.05 lbs. This was the last spring tournament, but tournament fishing returns on October 10th, 2021 with the Clinton Lake Exelon Open. This tournament features a guaranteed 1st place prize of $1000, paid ramp fees and a light lunch after the weight-in.

In a final note, does anyone have any objections or thoughts on moving the tournament starting times to 6 AM in late spring and early fall to avoid heat and recreational boat turbulence? Please email the club website or post on the Facebook page any of your thoughts. I thank everyone for helping this spring with tournaments and look forward to seeing you in the fall.